Why An Adult Blog?

So Why is This An Adult-Only Blog?

Rest assured I will not be posting any naked pictures of myself - you will see nothing on this blog that might put you off sausage and brussel sprouts for life.

It is a place however where some extremely controversial views will be posted and I do not want people wandering into these accidentally.

Also I want the ability to quote material and link to websites which may not be suitable for children. In one of my first posts here I referenced the poem V which provoked much popular outrage for its use of swearing though I believe utilizes these terms in an intelligent and creative way, demonstrating the sparsity of thought and understanding in whose mouths it places the words.

Finally I do not want to constrain people in the comments they make. It is not my intention to censor any, other than those which contain nothing but personal abuse. I recognize that many of these topics have the ability to provoke strong emotions and language may become heated at times.

For all these reasons this is an adult blog, even though I realize that some people will associate this with porn and it will inevitably reduce traffic.